Chapter Thirty-Five: The God Of Air

< To Chapter Thirty-Four Tim and Meg headed towards the temple hall, leaving the confused crowd behind. "You know I distinctly remember you mentioning the first time we went to Riben that you didn't want people to know that you're special." "I did." "...And that back there was completely normal was it?" "Nah it's fine. … Continue reading Chapter Thirty-Five: The God Of Air


Chapter Thirty-Four: Fine I’ll Try

< To Chapter Thirty-Three The sun rose over the desert, and Tim and Meg once again set off into the empty wasteland. This time, however, even Meg was quite happy to leave the city behind her, on account of the all-round pretty bad time she'd had there. "I swear that bath was ridiculously tiny." "Yeah … Continue reading Chapter Thirty-Four: Fine I’ll Try

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Nobody Likes You

< To Chapter Twenty-Eight Tim and Meg sat in the theatre, waiting for the play to start. While they were sat there, Tim would occasionally shift in his clothing, while looking around at the people still entering, and grimacing. Whenever he did, Meg would smile in amusement at his suffering, and thought to herself that … Continue reading Chapter Twenty-Nine: Nobody Likes You

Chapter Twenty-Seven: That Chapter Title Actually Fit

< To Chapter Twenty-Six As Tim and Meg continued along the coastline, the clouds in the sky gradually disappeared, and the sun shone down unimpeded. The air grew warmer with every passing day, but not so bad as to become uncomfortable. And in the distance, a tower of earth could be seen, approaching closer with … Continue reading Chapter Twenty-Seven: That Chapter Title Actually Fit